HELP FOR partners
of SEX Addicts.

We provide help for partners of sex addicts. Your world is never the same as the partner of someone who has a sexual addiction. We understand that you are hurting. We will help you understand what you are feeling and why. Our intensive counseling programs, books and DVDs will help you cope with your feelings of grief, anger and betrayal. Let us help you recover from your trauma and loss.

Help for Partners of sex addicts

Partners of sex addicts need an advocate to call upon. Feelings of fear, hurt, anger, betrayal, and grief require a compassionate effective response. We provide that expert guidance and direction. We offer help for partners of sex addicts to heal through sessions that get them answers to their many questions including: “How can I trust him again?” Partners or wives living with a sex addict typically report common feelings, such as aloneness, the sense that the partner can’t open up and tell you about his “real” self. The confusion comes as a result of doing certain behaviors that are still not enough and hopelessness that there isn’t enough. Anger from many unmet needs, as a person and as a woman, are often common. Many of these issues are addressed in the following books and DVDs.

Even if the addict stays in denial of their addiction, there is support and help for partners of sex addicts. The feelings of anger, loss, loneliness and many other feelings encountered over the years of living with this addiction will affect a person deeply. These feelings need to be dealt with therapeutically whether they stay married to the addict or not. We would be happy to discuss this more in detail during your counseling appointment.

As a partner or wife, the addiction comes from nothing you’re doing; the addiction started many years before you even met your addict. This addiction would have grown and damaged anyone they would have related to, in any relationship.

Help for Partner betrayal trauma

Partner betrayal trauma is relational trauma which is created by broken trust, unfaithfulness, and a loss of confidence in your partnership, relationship, or marriage. This trauma can be caused by things like spousal neglect, cheating, infidelity, dishonesty, deception, romantic relationship betrayal, rejection, or other circumstances which cause you to lose faith in your partner or significant other. Your betrayal is real. Your trauma from the betrayal of your partner is very real. It is not just real personally but also real statistically. You’re not the same person before and after trauma. You have been impacted significantly. You most likely have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms, depression, and your trust has been violated at every level. You may have experienced partner betrayal trauma if you have dealt with broken trust and feelings of betrayal in your relationship. This can happen because of things like addiction, relational anorexia, personality disorders, or creating secret worlds. Partner betrayal trauma is a unique trauma in that your spouse or significant other is the perpetrator of the trauma. The betrayal has a real impact.  We have created several tests to help you assess the impact of this betrayal. Each test is designed to address different partner betrayal aspects. The tests are free, and you will be given your test results instantly along with a short video from Dr. Doug Weiss to help guide your next steps toward healing from your partner betrayal trauma. 

PARTNER Intensives

For Partner betrayal trauma

Designed for those affected by partner betrayal trauma.

The Partner Betrayal Trauma ™ Intensive starts with you. You have to hear your own unique story of betrayal to overcome the trauma caused by it. The intensive consists of counseling sessions, assignments, and healing exercises which allow you to heal. These intensives are 3 or 5 days long.

Each day will help create a roadmap for your unique journey of healing. You will have individual counseling sessions, watch therapeutic DVDs, attend support group meetings, and complete healing assignments. We also provide a separate room for you so you will have a sacred space to work on your healing. Our Partner Betrayal Trauma Intensives help you:

  • Hear your story of betrayal.
  • Assess the unique impact of your partners betrayal.
  • Develop strategies to heal those areas impacted by this trauma.
  • Compassionately co-create a process of healing and grieving your losses.
  • Release any false beliefs that you caused this trauma in any way.
  • Process and feel the hurt, anger, or pain of your trauma.
  • Co-create an on-going support path for you to grow through this phase of your story.

For Partners

Designed for partners of sex addicts.

This intensive is for those who need to address the impact of being in a relationship with a sex addict. This solution-driven intensive can help make recovery smoother and much more attainable in a shorter period of time. Your individual intensive will focus on the specific areas you need to address for your healing. You’ll be given precise tools to target these issues in your current situation. This intensive would include three individual therapy sessions, with time each day during your sessions to work on assignments. Structured assignments are given to work on during your own time. Attendance is encouraged in our office support groups in the evening.

Ready to take the first step towards recovery?

Make an appointment today to begin your personal journey toward healing.

Books and dvds

Partners web

Partners: healing from his addiction

This book is the latest in research on helping partners of sex addicts. It discusses the affects on a woman who has lived with a sexual addict. The riveting statistics combined with personal stories of recovery make this a have to read book for any woman in a relationship with a sex addict. You are also offered hope and a beginning plan for personal recovery.


Partner’s Recovery Guide
100 Empowering Exercises

This is by far the most practical workbook for helping partners of sex addicts. The workbook comes from over fifteen years of successfully working with partners of sex addicts. This is like therapy in a box for women who want to walk through the residual effects of being in a relationship with a sex addict.

PBT image

Partner Betrayal Trauma

The Partner Betrayal Trauma ™ Book helps you understand the broken trust and trauma you have experienced in your relationship or marriage.

Partner Betrayal Trauma ™ is a real type of trauma. Your pain and experience of betrayal has impacted all of your being and all of your relationships.

Dr. Doug Weiss walks you through what betrayal trauma looks like in your life, how it affects, you, and steps you can take to become stronger and recover.

This a great gift to give to women you know are struggling to get past trauma in their relationships. Buy a few to have around!



The Unstuck DVD is for every woman who has experienced the pain of their partner’s sex addiction or intimacy anorexia and feels stuck, confused, frustrated and unable to move on. This is the DVD version of Unstuck.

You didn’t sign up for this and honestly, you don’t get it! This DVD helps you “get it” so you can process the painful reality you are in and start to live again. Getting stuck can rob you of living and loving well. Getting unstuck can help get you back to living and loving again at your full potential.

Partner Betrayal DVD

Partner Betrayal Trauma

The Partner Betrayal Trauma ™ DVD. This is the DVD version of Partner Betrayal Trauma ™.

Join Dr. Doug Weiss as he tackles the issue of Partner Betrayal Trauma ™. This is a unique type of trauma that is specific to your situation and relationship. It can contribute to secondary effects like PTSD, health problems, and depression.

However, working through the trauma creates opportunity where you can remake your life from the ground up. In this DVD set, Dr. Weiss walks you through the path to recovery and healing from Partner Betrayal Trauma ™.

He Needs to change image

He Needs to change

The He Needs To Change, Dr. Weiss DVD addresses the pain, trauma, and betrayal women experience because of their partner’s sex addiction, betrayal, and/or intimacy anorexia.

In this DVD, Dr. Weiss addresses the issue of change that he has explained to thousands of women in his office. You will be exposed to the process of real change. You will also learn about the “hot potato” of change that can be present in a couple’s life for decades.

Desiring to stop the pain is real. How this stops is waiting for you within his DVD. This is the DVD version of He Needs To Change, Dr. Weiss.


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