The Partner Betrayal Trauma Workbook contains exercises which go along with the Partner Betrayal Book.

Your betrayal is real. The pain, grief, and devastation that has impacted your whole being, as well as all areas of your life from your partner’s betrayal, is real. Sadly, you’re not alone.

Millions of women have been betrayed by their husbands and significant others sexually and in so many other ways.

This workbook honors your journey, validates your pain and gives you a proven path to empower yourself back to the amazing woman you were before the trauma. You’re being guided by someone who has helped heal thousands of betrayed women for more than thirty years.

Your strength and insights gained can give you hope to live an amazing life regardless of your husband’s or significant other’s past, present or future choices. In your hands, you hold a resource that will allow you to take one step at a time to heal, process, and help you become stronger than you thought possible.

Our desire for you is that this journey will not only be worth pursuing but that you will use your strength to eventually encourage others that have been betrayed.