You may ask yourself, “Is my spouse a sex addict?” If you are concerned that your spouse or partner is showing addictive tendencies, the following questions will help reveal the warning signs.

1. Does your spouse have unaccountable money?

2. Does your spouse have a history of emotional, physical or sexual abuse or neglect?

3. Does sex appear to not satisfy him/her (wants more right away or there never seems to be enough)?

4. Is there a sense that he’s/she’s “got their fix and now it’s better”?

5. Does your spouse’s mood depend on whether he/she gets sex or not?

6. Do you have frequent arguments over sex with your partner or spouse?

7. Do you feel alone during your sexual encounters?

8. Do they have what looks like a double life?

* If you answer yes to several of these questions, call  our office to get help.  We specialize in sex addiction counseling and recovery. Our sex addiction Intensive program can help you and our spouse address the addiction issues and rebuild your relationship.

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Find Out More About The Six Types of Sex Addicts

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