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Don't Give Into Your Voice of Lust

Don’t Give In To Your Voice of Lust

Don't Give Into Your Voice of Lust

Your Lust Has a Voice.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that your lust has a voice. Furthermore, you probably understand the role lust plays in sex addiction.

It’s that voice – you know the one. The voice of lust that pulls you in the direction you didn’t want to go before, but now you suddenly REALLY want to. It tells you to go down that path you know you shouldn’t and do those things you already know you will regret later. Yes, lust definitely has a voice.  I want to give you the tools to recognize lust’s voice and I encourage you not to give in to the lies lust will tell you.

Lust Tells You Lies

The voice of lust has so many different angles it uses to lie to you. One of the oldest lies told to men is, “Different is better.” It’s the same as the old adage, “The grass is always greener on the other side.”

When I lived in Texas, I would drive by a cow pasture fairly regularly. I noticed there were two types of cows in the pasture. There were the cows that were content with the food within the confines of the pasture fence. Then there were cows that believed the grass outside the fence was better. The latter would strain their necks over the fence to reach the outside grass. This act caused them to cut themselves on the barbed wire.

Lust Tells You Different is Better.

The voice of lust tells you that you will feel better, stronger, richer, more desirable, more loved, and more understood. The lies go on. It tells you that different sexually—a different body, different personality, different connection, different spiritually—is always better than what you have.

Guess what. All of those “different” things are just more lies! Lies which keep you stuck in the same cycle of lust always wanting more but never finding it. Always thinking “next time will be different” and yet you keep winding up in the same place over and over and over again. (Here’s an article about When the Devil Talks About Your Wife.)

The Truth About Different

I have known men who have gone all the way and tried “different.” Under normal circumstances they always reported back that it wasn’t better. Lust hides the flaws of what is different. Lust tells you her hair and makeup are done differently and more beautifully. It doesn’t tell you it takes her hours to get out of the house. Every woman has her own flaws and situations we know nothing about. However, lust will lie to you and ignore these flaws and unknown factors. Lust tells you if only you have different, you will have better. Whether different means an image, porn, place, or another person. Lust doesn’t care because it is an absolute liar.

Don’t fall for lust’s trap.

Everything you think is different is the same. So stop listening to lust and lying to yourself. Take up the fight against lust. Fight it for yourself, fight for your family, and fight it to make your future better.

Lust IS The Enemy

Lust is an enemy and is on the other team. You must remember, Lust is 100 percent willing to destroy you. Lust wants you to waste your life, cause you to not reach your destiny, or create and magnify the consequences of sin in your life. All-in-all, lust is committed to your complete destruction. We must be on full guard against this nasty enemy, because the potential to lust lives within every man.

In football, lust is like the linebacker. Once the ball is snapped, he is committed to move you. The snap has already been released, and all of hell is committed to get you to lust. Furthermore, lust will relentlessly go after you to keep you lusting so you will be destroyed. However, the enemy cannot force you to lust. That’s your choice. If you choose to lust and continue in that choice, hell knows the outcome.

Now You Do Too…

The more you lust, the more it destroys who you are. You become desensitized to women as people. Mentally, you will stay immature in many ways. Also, either you won’t pursue your dreams or destiny or will do so at a much slower pace. Lust is committed to keeping you trapped. Finally, the voice of lust doesn’t tell you about the guilt, shame, and embarrassment you will feel when you ultimately get caught.

Yes, You Will Get Caught in Your Lust.

Unless you can fully admit your lust, it is very unlikely that you will live your life lust-free. When Jesus healed people, they often came and proclaimed their condition. You must own your lust before you can start the amazing journey of living lust-free.

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Lust Free Result

When you choose a lust-free lifestyle, the voice of lust becomes weaker in your life and you make it less powerful. This will lead you to see women in a new light and you will break the hold lust has over you. Finally, you will see women who are screaming to be lusted after and feel sad for them. This will be the result of creating strong and lust-free muscles, thoughts, and beliefs. Here’s the good news: Since you’re in charge, you get to choose how you get stronger and better. You can choose to defeat the power of lust in sex addiction.

Take Action Against Lust

Take a stand to be free of lust. Write down a percentage of your willingness to commit to a lust-free life. Your willingness to change matters. If you are not fully committed to living lust-free, you will continue to struggle. The lack of commitment will leave you with little compromises and little secrets. This will result in lust’s continual assault and victory over you.

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Learn From the Past

Look behind you. The lust you have agreed with, considered and participated in is still there. Behind the choice to lust, you had two options: to lust or not to lust. Think like God or think like an earthly man. You have probably had moments of both. Furthermore, you probably realize that willingness played an important role in the choice you made. Recovery and the fight against lust is absolutely a choice. Find freedom and power in your ability to choose to utterly defeat the lies lust will tell you.

Shut Lust Out (For Good)

Find ways block out the voice of lust in your life. Take a stand against pornography. (See Banning Pornography From Your Life) Completely shut it out and do not allow any foothold in your life. Take the actions found in my Clean series found on YouTube. I also wrote a book called Clean: A Proven Plan for Men Committed to Sexual Integrity and I have a full set on Clean Living including DVD and journal you can access on my website. Furthermore, put barriers in place to keep yourself accountable through friends, small groups, and accountability partners. Recognize the role of lust in sex addiction. Make an effort to consciously control your lustful thoughts and turn them into positive, clean thoughts. Remind yourself about lust’s lies and that the “different” lust advertises is the same. Not better. Your life will be better for it. Finally, rejoice in your new life and the new freedom you have found from a lust free life.

Doug Weiss, Ph.D., is a nationally known author, speaker and licensed psychologist. He is the executive director of Heart to Heart Counseling Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and the author of several books including Lust Free Living. You may contact Dr. Weiss via his website,, by phone at 719-278-3708 or through email at

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